Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blog stage 8

After reading this post, I agree with the whole rice growing in Texas. Texas could save that water and use it for something a little more important especially with the drought that has been going on the past couple of years. Texas could always bring it in from another state or country. As for the conservation of water I like the cutting off the shower heads at 15 minutes but I think you could lower it to about 10 minutes. I dont know why it should take anyone longer than 10 minutes to take a shower. You could also cut water costs by turning off the water when brushing teeth instead of letting it run, turn off the water if the faucet is leaking. However I don't agree with not flushing when you have to urinate. First of all its gross, its unsanitary, and not safe. What if you go to the bathroom and accidently leave the seat up and you have a child walking around being curious I'm sure you dont want the child playing in urine or if a dog thinks its water and starts to drink it. Leaving urine in the toilet for perhaps hours would start to smell and just not healthy to leave around waiting till the next flush. There are plenty of other ways to save water in and outside of the home, but not flushing every time you have to go to the bathroom wouldn't be right.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Texas Unemployment

While viewing Texas’s unemployment I noticed that Texas continues to be one of the few states that have a low unemployment rates and maintain that low rate of unemployment. The national average of unemployment has hovered around 8.3% throughout the year, while Texas has stayed around 7%. From June of last year 2011 to June of this year 2012 Texas has gone from 8.1% to 7.0% unemployment rate. All the while during the same time period Texas has created 231,800 jobs. The biggest metropolitan that has the biggest unemployment rate is the Dallas-Fort Worth area with around 248 thousand from 2012 which is a decent drop of 277 thousand from last year. Houston-Sugar Land area comes in second with around 231 thousand this year which is a drop from last year 2011 as well of 262 thousand. 

While Texas continues to have a low unemployment average and its ability to generate jobs, Texas continues to struggle with its budget either spending too much or cutting back way too much and hurting the programs that has been cut or its budget reduced. Texas ability to generate new jobs, start up new businesses, and having companies move to Texas has done good job to cut down on unemployment and give new opportunities to people who have lost their job or wanted a career change. While the national average of unemployment and the nation’s non ability to generate new jobs continue to stay about the same as they are now and perhaps rise a little bit. Texas has maintained its low average of unemployment, its ability to generate jobs, and good enough economy to get by and be able to survive this recession.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Blog Stage 6

As an employee of Texas Health and Human Services Commission and have been through an extensive and required training about SNAP benefits and Medicaid for men and women. I have learned a lot about what Texas healthcare can do for women and children. It provides many wonderful and helpful benefits for women. Some programs have requirements that the individual has to follow to be able to obtain and keep benefits. However for women’s benefits they are able to receive free health screenings, birth control, counseling, and much more. Generally low income women use these services and are a necessity to this state. If we didn’t have these services to offer for women, there would be a crisis on hand. Women wouldn’t be as well as informed or if someone who couldn’t afford to go the doctor and if Texas didn’t have these services a women could have a disease or a cancer go undetected or a teenager or young woman not taking birth control maybe having multiple children without the proper care and information needed. Taking away these services would not be in the best interest for this state or government.